Danielle Lanyard

Danielle’s background of life and work experience in environmental study, community action, and business development began as a child working on her first local campaign and local charity fundraiser and now spans two decades and four continents. With a B.A. in Community Psychology and a minor in Environmental Studies, she left the US at 22 and lived out her dream of traveling the world. During five years of independent, international travel and development work, she lived in Laos and created and taught the region’s first college course in Sustainable Development through partnership with environmental NGOs, served as a trainee in the Peace Corps in Senegal as an Environmental Educator, and worked in Berlin as the Development Director for the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. Upon return to the U.S., she worked extensively in social enterprise, green companies and startups to build a solid foundation in business and nonprofit development. After designing various business and marketing strategies for startups and sustainable ventures, she founded Travelcology in fall of 2007, an eco travel startup to share resources and support local causes through travel and barter. When the world economy plummeted,  Danielle’s passions shifted from me to we, and on how to make the entrepreneurial ecosystem more accessible to all. She lived off of eating crow and the entrepreneurial bug that bitten her whole! She began consulting other social enterprises, and teaching, lecturing and speaking on how to launch social ventures and what radical green ecological change could look like if we all helped each other get the resources we need to thrive. Out of this grew Green Breakfast Club, a place based initiative to build community through resource sharing. This launched in New York City in Summer 2011 with a monthly networking event series that featured high level speakers sharing success/failure stories, and a give/ask peer to peer resource exchange. The event series expanded to London and Nairobi, into a startup incubator, and into offshoot events Green Cocktail Club and Green Film Club.
The purpose of this initiative, and Danielle’s life work, is to help people help each other transition to a green economy and to embrace lifestyles of health and sustainability. Over time, startups and innovation has become her sweet spot. In 2016, Danielle took the thing she did to pay the bills building websites, brands and digital strategy, and evolved into a new company, big deep digital, a boutique firm providing services to environmental and social enterprises.